More about Janis

More about Janis


Thanks for stopping by my website!  In addition to playing bass, I like hanging out with my best-dog-ever, Bootsy, cooking up new vegetarian recipes, and kicking ass in Words with Friends (challenge me at username "icey-ice").  Please see below for some of my favorite links and things!

The "What Would Janis Do" Shirt

In the early years of Family Groove Company, a group of our fans began yelling out "What would Janis do?!" between songs at shows.  We decided to slap the slogan on a T-Shirt, and since then, I've been truly humbled by the number of people who choose to wear me on their chests.  You can score your own WWJD tee right here, with free shipping to the US!

WWJD T-Shirt
$20 with free US shipping | Sizes Small through XL

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